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Non Material Amendment
Application for non-material amendment to permission 17/0871, (Application for approval of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) pertaining to phase 2B for the erection of 215 dwelling houses (of which 35% are to be affordable units) pursuant to permission reference 12/0546 (as amended) (hybrid permission for a major residential led development totalling 1,200 new dwellings) and consideration of details to comply with planning conditions 9 (affordable housing), 16 (ecological mitigation and management), 23 (vehicle parking and cycle access), 25 (vehicle parking and electrical charging points), 29 (trees), 35 (sustainable homes), 37 (refuse), and 57 (noise) in so far as they pertain to phase 2B, to allow a change in the wording to condition 1 (approved plan numbers) to allow minor parking, fencing, footpath, general alignment changes to/ in or around plots 49, 50, 55 - 64, 65 - 67, 69, 85-89, 114-115, 131 and 132. (Amended & additional plans rec'd 03/07/2019.)
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Michelle Fielder
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01276 707100
Miss Laura Powell
CALA House, 54 The Causeway, Staines Upon Thames, TW18 3AX


GRANT Subject to the Conditions
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Delegated Level Decision
Conditions or reasons:
  1. The development permitted under permission 17/0871 (as amended by 17/0871/1) shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:Layout Plan 1:500 Illustrative Roof Plan with landscape1307 D 1100 KTenure Plan1307 D 1210 C Unit Mix Plan1307 D 1200 E Parking Strategy Plan - West1307 D 1201 CParking Strategy Plan - East1307 D 1202 FBoundary Condition Strategy1307 D 1203 DRefuse Strategy Plan1307 D 1204 EMassing Plan1307 D 1205 DMovement and Circulation Plan1307 D 1206 DSite Layout Plan (red line) ¿ West1307 D 1300 NSite Layout Plan (red line) - East1307 D 1301 TApartment Block Plans 1:100 Apt Block E3 ¿ Ground floor plan (Aff) PD1307 D 1400 EApt Block E3 ¿ 1st floor plan (Aff) PD1307 D 1401 EApt Block E3 ¿ Second floor plan (Aff) PD1307 D 1402 EApt Block E4 ¿ Ground floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1406 DApt Block E4 ¿ 1st floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1407 DApt Block E4 ¿ Second floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1408 DApt Block E2 ¿ Ground floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1409 EApt Block E2 ¿ 1st floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1410 EApt Block E2 ¿ Second floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1411 EApt Block E1 ¿ Ground floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1412 DApt Block E1 ¿ 1st floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1413 DApt Block E1 ¿ Second floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1414 DApt Block W2 ¿ Ground floor plan (PD)1307 D 1415 DApt Block W2 ¿ 1st floor plan (PD)1307 D 1416 DApt Block W2 ¿ Second floor plan (PD)1307 D 1417 DApt Block W3 ¿ Ground floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1418 DApt Block W3 ¿ 1st floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1419 DApt Block W3 ¿ Second floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1420 DApt Block W1 ¿ Ground floor plan (PD) AFF1307 D 1421 DApt Block W1 ¿ 1st floor plan (PD) AFF1307 D 1422 DApt Block W1 ¿ Second floor plan (PD) AFF1307 D 1423 DApt Block E5&E6 ¿ Ground floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1424 DApt Block E5&E6 ¿ 1st floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1425 DApt Block E5&E6 ¿ Second floor plan (Aff)1307 D 1426 DApt Block W4 ¿ Ground floor plan  (PD)1307 D 1427 DApt Block W4 ¿ 1st floor plan (PD)1307 D 1428 DApt Block W4 ¿ Second floor plan (PD)1307 D 1429 DHouse Layout Plans 1:50 House Type 2 (HT2) ¿ Ground & 1st floor1307 D 1500House Type 3 (HT3) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1501 AHouse Type 3 (HT3) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1502 AHouse Type 9, 9a & 9b (HT9, 9a and 9b) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1503 BHouse Type 9, 9a & 9b  (HT9, 9a, and 9b) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1504 BHouse Type 16 (HT16) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1505House Type 16 (HT16) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1506House Type 16a (HT16a) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1507 AHouse Type 16a (HT16a) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1508 AHouse Type 30 (HT30) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1509House Type 30 (HT30) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1510House Type 34 (HT34) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1517 AHouse Type 34 (HT34) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1518 AHouse Type 35 & 35b (HT35&35b) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1519 AHouse Type 35 & 35b (HT35&35b) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1520 AHouse Type 35a (HT35a) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1521 AHouse Type 35a (HT35a) - 1st floor1307 D 1522 AHouse Type 44 (HT44) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1523House Type 44 (HT44) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1524House Type 44a (HT44a) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1525 AHouse Type 44a (HT44a) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1526 AHouse Type 44b (HT44b) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1527House Type 44b (HT44b) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1528FOG Type FT1 (FT1) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1529 AFOG Type FT1 (FT1) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1530 AAffordable House Type 6 (AHT6) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1550Affordable House Type 6 (AHT6) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1551Affordable House Type 6 (AHT6) ¿ Grd & 1stfloor1307 D 1552Affordable House Type 18 & 18a (AHT18&18a) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1553 AAffordable House Type 18 & 18a (AHT18&18a) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1554 AAffordable House Type 19 (AHT19) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1555Affordable House Type 19 (AHT19) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1556Affordable House Type 20 (AHT20) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1557Affordable House Type 20 (AHT20) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1558Affordable House Type 20a (AHT20a) ¿ Ground floor1307 D 1559Affordable House Type 20a (AHT20a) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1560Bin and Bike Store Layout Plans1307 D 1561House Type 45 (HT45) - Ground floor1307 D 1565House Type 45 (HT45) ¿ 1st floor1307 D 1566Apartment Block Elevations at 1:100  Apartment Block E3 Front Elevation1307 D 1800 F Apartment Block E3 Rear Elevations1307 D 1801 F Apartment Block E3 Side Elevations1307 D 1802 F Apartment Block E3 Side Elevation1307 D 1803 D Apartment Block W2 Front Elevation1307 D 1804 E Apartment Block W2 Rear Elevations1307 D 1805 D Apartment Block W2 Side Elevations1307 D 1806 D Apartment Block W2 Side Elevation1307 D 1807 D Apartment Block E2 Front Elevation1307 D 1812 F Apartment Block E2 Rear Elevations1307 D 1813 F Apartment Block E2 Side Elevations1307 D 1814 D Apartment Block E2 Side Elevation1307 D 1815 F Apartment Block E1 Front Elevation1307 D 1816 E Apartment Block E1 Rear Elevations1307 D 1817 D Apartment Block E1 Side Elevations1307 D 1818 D Apartment Block E1 Side Elevation1307 D 1819 D Apartment Block W3 Front Elevation1307 D 1824 E Apartment Block W3 Rear Elevations1307 D 1825 D Apartment Block W3 Side Elevations1307 D 1826 D Apartment Block W3 Side Elevation1307 D 1827 D Apartment Block W1 Front Elevation1307 D 1828 E Apartment Block W1 Rear Elevations1307 D 1829 D Apartment Block W1 Side Elevations1307 D 1830 D Apartment Block W1 Side Elevation1307 D 1831 D Apartment Block E5 & E6 Front Elevation1307 D 1832 D Apartment Block E5 & E6 Rear Elevations1307 D 1833 D Apartment Block E5 & E6 Side Elevations1307 D 1834 D Apartment Block E4 Front Elevation1307 D 1835 E Apartment Block E4 Rear Elevations1307 D 1836 D Apartment Block E4 Side Elevations1307 D 1837 DApartment Block E4 Side Elevation1307 D 1838 DApartment Block W4 Front Elevations1307 D 1844 EApartment Block W4 Rear Elevations1307 D 1845 DApartment Block W4 Side Elevations1307 D 1846 DApartment Block W4 Side Elevation1307 D 1847 DUnit Elevations at 1:100 House Type 2 (HT2) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1850House Type 3 (HT3) ¿ Elevations ¿ Handed1307 D 1851House Type 9 (HT9) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1852House Type 9a + 9b (HT9a +9b) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1853House Type 9a + 9b (HT9a + 9b) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1854House Type 16 (HT16) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1855 AHouse Type 16a (HT16a) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1856 AHouse Type 30 (HT30) - Elevations1307 D 1857House Type 27 (HT27) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1860House Type 34 (HT34) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1861 AHouse Type 35 (HT35) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1862 AHouse Type 35a (HT35a) - Elevations1307 D 1863 AHouse Type 35b (HT35b) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1864 AHouse Type 44 (HT44) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1865 AHouse Type 44a (HT44a) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1866 AHouse Type 44b (HT44b) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1867 AAffordable House Type AHT6 (AHT6) - Elevations1307 D 1868Affordable House Type AHT6 (AHT6) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1869Affordable House Type AHT6a (AHT6a) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1870Affordable House Type AHT18 (AHT18) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1871Affordable House Type AHT19 (AHT19) - Elevations1307 D 1872Affordable House Type AHT20 (AHT20) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1873Affordable House Type AHT20a(AHT20a) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1874FOG Type 1 (FOG1)1307 D 1875 AHouse Type 45 (HT45) ¿ Elevations1307 D 1880Other Elevations Refuse and Cycle Storage elevations ¿ Apartment Blocks1307 D 1876Garage Elevations1307 D 1877Section Lines Plan1307 D 1304 A West Existing Proposed Levels1307 D 1302 C East Existing Proposed Levels1307 D 1303 B Street Elevations at 1:100/1:200 (see sheet)  Elev 1 ¿ Brunswick Road Elevation1307 D 1700 D Elev 2 ¿ Central Green North Elevation1307 D 1701 D Elev 3 ¿ Woodland Edge West1307 D 1702 C Elev 4 ¿ Woodland Edge East1307 D 1703 C Elev 5 ¿ East Boundary SANG Elevation1307 D 1704 C Elev 6 ¿ North to South Link1307 D 1705 C Elev 7 ¿ Green Swathe Facing East1307 D 1706 B Elev 8 ¿ West Parcel 11307 D 1707 A Elev 9 ¿ East Parcel 11307 D 1708 A Elev 10 ¿ Village Green Elevation1307 D 1709 B Arboricultural Implications ReportSimon Jones Associates Ltd Tree Survey ScheduleSimon Jones Associates Ltd AIR Appendix 3 (Tree Location Plan)SJA TL 17156-01 AIR Appendix 4.1 (Tree Protection Plan East)SJA TPP 17156-01 East E  AIR Appendix 4.2 (Tree Protection Plan West)SJA TPP 17156-01 West E  AIR Appendix 5 (Incidental Tree Retention Plan)SJA ITR 17156-01unless the prior written approval has been obtained from the Local Planning Authority.Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and in the interest of proper planning and as advised in ID.17a of the NPPG.
Informative notes:
  1. The applicant is advised that all planning conditions agreed pursuant to 12/0546 (as amended) and 17/0871 (as amended) will need amending through a revised submission if the details approved relied upon or listed a plan showing a site layout.



The following bodies where consulted about this application:

  • Transportation Development Planning Division
  • Room 365 Environment Department, Surrey County Council, County Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 2DY
    • Letter sent: 03/06/2019

In addition to consultations with the bodies listed, publicity of this application will be undertaken in accordance with national and local requirements. This publicity most usually takes the form of letters to individual nearby properties, the posting of site notices or the placing of a public notice in the local daily newspaper.



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The following neighbours where consulted about this application:

    No neighbours found.

In addition to consultations with the bodies listed, publicity of this application will be undertaken in accordance with national and local requirements. This publicity most usually takes the form of letters to individual nearby properties, the posting of site notices or the placing of a public notice in the local daily newspaper.

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